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Prudential Public Limited Company (PUK) Online Dividend Calculator

Maximize Returns on Prudential Public Limited Company (PUK) Investments Using Our Online Dividend Calculator.

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About PUK Prudential Public Limited Company

Logo Prudential Public Limited Company

Originally established as Prudential Mutual Assurance, Investment, and Loan Association in 1848, Prudential plc has moved on a lot since then. Set up to sell life insurance and loans to the middle and then the industrializing and urbanizing working classes, the company subsequently diversified into Europe and then North America with the purchase of Jackson National Life in around 1985. During its time as owner of Jackson, Prudential focused on building out a simple chassis-style product portfolio where customers could choose a variety of add-ons. The company also became renowned for its focus on building requisite internal capabilities to support its strong product offerings, including compelling technology and a large and well-trained salesforce.

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