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First of Long Island Corporation (The) (FLIC) Online Dividend Calculator

Maximize Returns on First of Long Island Corporation (The) (FLIC) Investments Using Our Online Dividend Calculator.

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About FLIC First of Long Island Corporation (The)

Logo First of Long Island Corporation (The)

First of Long Island Corp is a holding company that provides financial services. It offers services of saving accounts, current accounts, and capital gain accounts. The company also provides lending services, such as commercial and residential mortgage loans, industrial loans, small business credit scored loans, and other credit facilities. In addition, the company provides account reconciliation services, ATM Banking, bill payment, cash management services, mobile banking, online banking, and payroll services to privately owned businesses, professionals, consumers, and public bodies. Revenue earned by the company mainly consists of the interest on loans and investment securities, fees on deposit accounts, and income from investment management.

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