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Syntec Optics Holdings Inc is vertically integrated from design and component manufacturing for lens system assembly to imaging module integration for system solutions. Making its tools, molding, and nano machining allows close interaction and recut ability, enabling special techniques to hold tolerances to sub-micron levels. Syntec Optics has steadily developed a variety of other complementary manufacturing techniques to provide a wide suite of horizontal capabilities including thin film deposition coatings, glass molding, polymer molding, tool-making, mechanical manufacturing, and nano machining.

Founded: N/A Country:
United States
United States
Employees: N/A City: MIAMI BEACH
Market Cap: N/A IPO Year: 2022
Target Price: N/A AVG Volume (30 days): N/A
Analyst Decision: N/A Number of Analysts: N/A
Dividend Yield: N/A Dividend Payout Frequency: N/A
EPS: N/A EPS Growth: N/A
52 Week Low/High: N/A Next Earning Date: N/A
Revenue: N/A Revenue Growth: N/A
Revenue Growth (this year): N/A Revenue Growth (next year): N/A

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