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OmniAb Inc offers therapeutic antibody discovery technologies. The company focuses on enabling the rapid development of therapeutics by pushing the frontiers of drug discovery technologies. Its technology platform is designed to enable the efficient discovery of high-quality, fully human antibodies for a wide range of diseases. The heart of the OmniAb technology platform is the Biological Intelligence of its proprietary transgenic animals, including OmniRat, OmniMouse, and OmniChicken, that have been genetically modified to generate antibodies with human sequences which are naturally optimized through in vivo affinity maturation.

Founded: N/A Country:
United States
United States
Employees: 106 City: EMERYVILLE
Market Cap: N/A IPO Year: 2021
Target Price: N/A AVG Volume (30 days): N/A
Analyst Decision: N/A Number of Analysts: N/A
Dividend Yield: N/A Dividend Payout Frequency: N/A
EPS: N/A EPS Growth: N/A
52 Week Low/High: N/A Next Earning Date: N/A
Revenue: N/A Revenue Growth: N/A
Revenue Growth (this year): N/A Revenue Growth (next year): N/A

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