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Banzai International Inc is a marketing technology (MarTech) company that produces data-driven marketing and sales solutions for businesses of all sizes. Its mission is to help its customers accomplish their mission by enabling better marketing, sales and customer engagement outcomes. The company sells its products using a recurring subscription license model typical in SaaS businesses. Pricing tiers for its main product, Demio, are based on the number of host-capable users, desired feature sets, and maximum audience size.

Founded: N/A Country:
United States
United States
Employees: 13 City: BAINBRIDGE ISLAND
Market Cap: N/A IPO Year: 2021
Target Price: N/A AVG Volume (30 days): N/A
Analyst Decision: N/A Number of Analysts: N/A
Dividend Yield: N/A Dividend Payout Frequency: N/A
EPS: N/A EPS Growth: N/A
52 Week Low/High: N/A Next Earning Date: N/A
Revenue: N/A Revenue Growth: N/A
Revenue Growth (this year): N/A Revenue Growth (next year): N/A

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